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The Vaxed Necklace
Thank you Governor for using The Vaxed Necklace to promote the Social Contract. Being vaccinated is considerate and consideration is cool.
Being vaccinated is a act of love. It helps protect your community. Thanks for being vaxed. The Vaxed Necklace
The Vaxed Necklace, by Vaxed Swag, as seen on Gov Hochul, and the Original.  No longer available through RbyD, but now direct though us and back at our original price. Ships from US

The Vaxed Necklace

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    The Vaxed Necklace.  Stainless steel 18K gold plated necklace. Chain has variable length so you wear it where you like it. Water safe. Ships from NY.

      Also available as a double pack, or a six pack gifting bundle.

      (and yes, Governor of NY, Kathy Hochul is wearing our necklace to great effect!)