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About Us

We dig the Social Contract. We want to encourage those who have been vaccinated and chosen to be responsible citizens to proudly broadcast their vaccinated status. Being vaccinated is considerate and consideration is cool.

Also, since we’ve been asked, we spelled Vaxed with only one “x” so as to separate ourselves and the necklace from anti-vaxxers. It’s also equally correct/ incorrect as this is emerging slang! We also just think it looks better.

Our logo, you may notice, has the ed slightly higher than the vax in "Vaxed"... because we enjoy the opportunity that this conversation inspiring piece of neckwear gives us to engage in dialogue and ever so slightly EDucate people about how lucky we are that science developed a vaccine. Thank you science. Dialogue, education, and science literacy are required for an informed citizenry to keep optimizing democracy. Let's do this.

Thank You @GovKathyHochul for harnessing our necklace’s power to influence and sway. Governor Hochul got her necklace from us.

If you have more ideas for how to use the necklace to promote education around vaccination, health, and/or science, please let us know. We donate necklaces for some of the ideas we get.